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Recognized like one of the largest range in the world, its summits reach heights superior to 6 000 meters or 18 000 feet... Located 62.5 miles from the Pacific coast and representing a length of 113 miles, it constitutes a natural barrier between the desertic coast and the Amazon Basin. Its summits, each one most beautiful than the next, will satisfy the most demanding of all. Numerous treks can be organized in this region. The inhabitants of the remote Andean area created the trails we will follow centuries ago. The access to the treks is nowadays easy thanks to the tracks manageable in 4x4. Departing point of numerous treks into the White Range, Huaráz is located at an altitude of 3 091 meters above sea level. Even if Huaraz was built with few charm, the mountaineering atmosphere is guarantied. The entrance to Huascarán National Park is at the doors of Huaráz... Created in 1975, the administration of the park mains at conserving the fauna and the flora as well as maintaining the good state of the trails. Even if you are not a hiker, you can visit the Pachacoto Valley, located 36 miles south of Huaráz. The viewpoints are magnificent and the giant plants Puya Raimondi, some of which exceeding ten meters in height, make the trip worth it!

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