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Registration and payment

A deposit of 30% of the total amount must accompany all applications. Receipt of this deposit does not imply the automatic confirmation of a reservation, but is dependent on available space.

If the application is accepted, the balance of the price of the trip must be paid before the beginning of the trip.

As soon as the confirmation is done, it will be asked to the client to give information about the participants (names, surnames, birth dates, and passport numbers) so as to guarantee reservations. Terra Andina Peru can not be held responsible if information is not given on time, and if reservations are affected.


If a cancellation occurs, the deposits will be reimbursed as following :

- More than 45 days before the beginning of the tour: 100 % of the deposit will be reimbursed.

- From 44 to 21 days before the beginning of the tour: 50 % of the deposit will be reimbursed (corresponding to the pre-payment of some reservations: hotels, transport…).

- Less than 21 days before the beginning of the tour: 100 % of the deposit will be retained.

We are not affiliated to any cancellation insurance; such a contract does not exist in Peru. Nonetheless, you can get information to your insurance company.


Any complaint regarding a tour (disagreement, incompletion of a part of the tour, etc…) must be addressed in writing by the client and send to Terra Andina. A possible litigation will be solved in friendly manner, in case of a complete disagreement, Terra Andina being a Peruvian rights company, will honor the local Court’s judgment.


We require you to have current medical insurance that includes repatriation in the event of a medical emergency. If you pay for your airplane ticket or the deposit onto our on-line service payment with a VISA card, you will automatically be covered for this. You are advised to confirm this with your bank in advance. You will be required to sign a document releasing the company from any responsibility.


Passports and vaccines: Terra Andina will not assume the individual responsibilities of each of the participants. Participants should comply with the regulations and formalities of the police, customs and health at all time on the trip.

Each participant will also take responsibility for obtaining all the documents required by the authorities of the countries visited. Terra Andina will not be responsible in cases of delay or a participant being unable to present all their documents in good order.

Any expense incurred will be the responsibility of the client. All trips interrupted or cut short by the actions of the participant for whatever reason will not be eligible for reimbursement.


Considering the class of travels we organize, every participant has to take into account that he/she may run some risks due to the distance from medical centers, the road conditions, while participating in some of our more adventurous expeditions (mountaineering, trekking, 4x4 expeditions). There are no emergency evacuation organisms operating in most of the remote places. The client accepts and assumes the risk with full knowledge of the facts and commits himself to not hold Terra Andina, the guides or the different contractors liable for accidents that may occur.

In order to ensure the security of the group, if climatic conditions or unforeseeable event dictate to do so, Terra Andina Peru reserves the right, directly or through its tour guides, to substitute a mean of transportation, an accommodation, an itinerary to another, as well as departure or schedule times, without the participants being untitled to claim any indemnity.

Every participant shall comply with safety rules and follow guidelines given by Terra Andina tour guide. Terra Andina cannot be held responsible for accidents due to individual carelessness of one person in the group. Terra Andina reserves the right to expel at anytime one member from a group which behavior can be considered dangerous for the wellbeing of the participants. No indemnity can be claimed.


The Peruvian hotel business infrastructure is still far from what you can find in most Western countries. Nonetheless, we work with hotels we know and trust. Terra Andina Peru cannot be held responsible if problems (such as thefts) arise in a hotel.


Luggage remains at all times the responsibility of the customer. Do not leave your luggage with the guide nor ask him to watch it. He cannot guarantee its safety.

Air transport

If your trip is changed due to problems with your flights, Terra Andina cannot be held responsible. Any resulting expenses remain the responsibility of the client.

Events beyond our control

In the case of external events disturbing the normal operation of the country (e.g. political or social trouble, natural catastrophes, etc) Terra Andina reserves the right to cancel the trip or to modify the content.

In the case of cancellation, part of the deposit will be retained to pay for services already reserved. In the case of modification of the trip, a new estimate of the cost will be provided.

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