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Situated on the Edge of the Ocean, Lima was known as the Pacific Pearl. In the pre-hispanic time, the Valley where Peru’s capital is located was a greenery oasis, which allowed the agricultural exploitation like fishing activity. During the 17th and 18th century, various colonial houses with wonderful balconies were built, as a symbol of Lima’s political, strategical and economical importance. Discovering Lima nowadays is guessing at each corner of the streets the complexity of this huge city. Peru is a country made of contrasts, fighting to bring together, on the one hand the traditions of the rural society and on the other hand, the adaptation to modernity and the worldwide industrialization. Lima is an overpopulated city with more than 10 millions inhabitants and most of them come from inside the country, With its lacks and disorder, Lima is nevertheless a charming city. The friendly and festive Limenian invites you to discover it.

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