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Best season

The Peru can be visited year round. It is just good to know that winter there starts right when we enter our summer, and that at 12,000 feet, it is most likely cold. So make sure you come equipped with warm clothes and a warm coat !

Lima: warm during the day, pretty humid.

Arequipa: hot during the day and fresh at night.

Cuzco: sunny days, cold nights (10,200 feet above sea level.)

Lake Titicaca : sunny and crisp during the day, cold at night (11,500 feet above sea level.)


You will need a valid passport with an expiration date posterior to six months after your return. No visa. These conditions are subject to changes. Check with the Peruvian consulate before departure.


A good physical condition is recommended due to the altitude and the climatic variations. Traveling can be pretty demanding in some areas. Possess a capacity to adapt rapidly in the face of adverse, unplanned or uncomfortable conditions (bad roads, climate...). We recommend you see your physician before departure for a stay at altitude.

Recommended vaccinations: The recommended vaccinations are against diphtheria, tetanus, polio, hepatitis B and A. Typhoid for extended stays. If you are going to the Amazon, it is highly recommended that you vaccine against yellow fever at least 10 days before arriving in the potentially contaminated area. In general, it is recommended to get all your vaccine prior to departure. It is never too late to update your vaccinations.

Personal Pharmacy: Your usual medications; vitamin C or multi-vitamins; pain killer : aspirin or equivalent; anti-diarrhea (type Imodium…) + intestinal antiseptic (type Ercefuryl…); large spectrum antibiotic treatment: plan on 8 day-treatments (you may need a prescription); anti-inflammatory cream; eye drops (dust, conjunctivitis); purifying tablets for drinking water (Iodine, Micropur…); compression bandage (Elastoplasts); band-aids + disinfecting compresses, mole skin (blister kit), cold medicine, Aloe Vera gel.


In Peru, there are establishments of different categories and with a wide variety of prices. During the height of the tourist season (from May to October), we recommend you reserve in.

Hotels : Star rating indicated on the program, in double room with attached bathroom, breakfast included. Be aware, at identical star rating, the quality of Peruvian hotels is usually inferior to those in the US or Europe (usually one star less than the equivalent category in the US or Europe).

Camping: 2/3 person tents for 2 people. Mess tent for treks

Stay with Locals: The best option depending on itineraries. Sometimes very rudimentary, no showers; but the welcome is always warm.


For easier travel, we advise that you travel “light” and to only bring the items necessary, in the most compact possible way (a large, flexible, travel bag is more appropriate than hard suitcases, and a smaller day pack).

For the treks, it is mandatory to limit the weight of the bag to 30 lbs to not over-charge the porters of the animals.

Useful information if you are planning on purchasing products there: you will be limited in weight in the outbound flight, check with your airline for weigh limit and number of luggage allowed on plane. Most of the airlines also demand that you reconfirm your flight 72 hours in advance. W also advise you take a travel insurance.


Terra Andina requires that you carry your own insurance as well as travel insurance. (if you paid your ticked with a major credit card Visa, this is usually included – check with your credit card company).


The official Peruvian money is the NUEVO SOL. The US dollar is accepted in most of the local businesses, restaurants and gas station at the day’s exchange rate. It is also possible to change Euros in banks and exchange desks everywhere in the country. The majority of establishments accept major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, and American Express. The use of traveler checks is limited. Make sure the amounts charged to your credit cards are accurate.

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