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| Who are we ? |

Terra Andina Peru is a receptive travel agency based in Lima and Cuzco, in Peru. It belongs to the tour operator Terra Group. Bringing together the collective adventures of several friends and associates since 1998, Terra Group is a network of travel agencies operating throughout Latin America (and South America). Our different agencies share common values, modern work methods and experiences gathered from similar backgrounds. We consider ourselves “dream merchants”, but “travel specialist to Latin America” best defines our activity.

Our offices take care of their own logistics (equipment / materials / necessities) and to the wide network of correspondents for particular areas of operation (Amazon / Pantanal / the Andes). This requirement for quality does not limit itself solely to a capacity to operate a successful tourist program; it is accompanied by negotiations with local operators (hotels, transport, guides, flights etc.) and is partly due to our aim to operate services ourselves as often as possible, without intermediaries in order to :

  • to limit accumulation of extra commissions being charged;
  • to shorten the chain of communication and thus improve direct control of our operations;
  • to conserve our strength in proposals and innovations.


Tourism as a postive Act

One speaks today of ecotourism, or of “ethical tourism”. Both aim to show common sense and respect, a consciousness that traveling is at the same time borrowing from and imprinting on the places we encouter. To act with good sense by respecting the fragile environment by respecting our teams on site or in offices by paying fair salaries.Our hope is to show great consideration for the people who receive us, as well as to our clients and to ourselves, seeking to ever enrich the contents of our programs to give meaning to traveling.


Ours Assets


Every agency, yearly, realizes several scouting trips in new areas. Those trips, together with our media operations (TV reports, editing, printing press, writing of tourist guides) lead to a renewed knowledge of the countries in which we operate, as well as an increase and a renewal of itineraries offered.



Terra Group is equipped with a technological structure, TERRASOFT, developing software dedicated to help the work of the receptive agency. The software package “Imagine” has enabled us to optimize qualitatively our daily work. It will be available for our customers in 2009, free of charge.


 Responsible tourism

Our concrete policies regarding responsible tourism ensure the motivation of the field teams and local communities we work with. (See paragraphs below).



Our economic model is based both on the progressive opening of the company capital (8 associates in 2008) as well as on a bonus system. In addition to this, Terra regularly invests in field staff training programs. These incentive programs directly affect our team’s motivation.


 Geographical presence

We are physically established from Mexico to the Tierra de Fuego. We are organized such a way that we offer competitive combined trips as well as continent crossing trips. Our offices have their own logistic and a network of partners to operate in difficult areas such as Amazonia or Antarctica.



Professional queries, except during week-ends, are, with the occasional exception, replied to within 24 hours by a trilingual representative, knowing perfectly the costs, the sites and the operations. Our respective websites are regularly updated and contain most of the programs we offer. Our agencies are constantly linked to each other as well as to our partners (via phone, email and Skype).

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