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Since the creation of the agency Terra Andina Peru is steadily engaged in various charitable projects. Light on the organizations Terra Andina Peru support :


Project Llachon
A few years ago, close to the Lake Titicaca, the traditional activities based on fishing, agriculture and farming were not enough to keep young people in the village who preferred the appeal of big cities. Helped by Terra Andina, the community of Llachon have decided to create the association to bring foreigners and make them visit the village. Maintaining the traditional lifestyle, tourist break their habits and feel welcomed. Now, the community keep its activities and customs preserving the family unity. There are jobs for the young people and with the money, it is possible to improve the health and nutritional conditions of the children.
Project Lares
This project aims to collect funds for the school located in Lares, a village several hours from Cusco. Hipolito Quispe Quispe leads the village school. Forty children, all from farm backgrounds are schooled there.The Peruvian State finance the salaries of teachers and students breakfast. Some of the children are malnourished and this meal is the main reason motivating the parents to allow their children to school. The director relies on the goodwill of villagers to maintain buildings and other essential tasks at school. Parents contribute financially to 5 soles per year, but this is not enough.


Project Sol y Luna
Ten years ago, when SOL & LUNA Lodge-Spa was born, founders began a long-term project in the same time: being useful to the members of the community where the hotel would developed. For the last ten years, the association has been involved in important educational, sportive and cultural programs, in order to stimulate a higher quality of life in the surrounding neighborhoods. In the face of growing need, and in order to respond adequately to new challenges and sustain these projects over time, the Association opens this window to share its challenges, its achievements and the invaluable help from each one of you.


Project Amaru
This association located close to Pisac, includes 10 single mother of the community Amaru. Terra and Freddy, member of the community,  have created together this association. First, Terra Andina has provided funds to buy raw materials and sewing machine. Since the beginning, the benefits of their actvities, making souvenirs sold to tourist, return to the association and are manage by the association. All the members decide together of the different expenses. Today, the funds are used to develop micro-projects, to pay the members and workers and to maintain the infrastructures of the village.

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